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  • Do you enjoy working with children and young people?

  • Do you thrive when working as part of a team?

  • Do you like the great outdoors and activities like camping and hiking?

  • Do you have any skills, hobbies or passions that you could share?

  • Have you previously been involved with Scouting?

If you answered YES to any of those, then you could be an ideal volunteer and potential leader in Scouting!

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Volunteering with the 26th Bournemouth


At the 26th, we always welcome anyone that is interested in volunteering with us, as well as any parents too young member that may like to join our parent rota .


Whether you are already in Scouting, work with children, have just moved to the area, or just fancy trying something new, we would be delighted to have you on board! We especially love it when our volunteers have a particular passion or skill which they would like to share.

As a group, we support and encourage all of our volunteers, whether you can volunteer just once a term or every week… even if you want to become a fully trained leader (which would be SUPER)!

If you are doing your DofE, helping out with a Scout group is a great way to achieve your ‘volunteering’ section and we would welcome you at the 28th too.


Volunteering in Scouting Allows You To...

  • adopt a new family that never stops extending and developing friendships that stand the test of time!

  • be around people that think you’re amazing, even when you don’t feel good enough!

  • try something new and learn new skills, but also share your own skills and passions!

  • support, mentor and encourage young people in the community and help them achieve!

  • give young people hope when they find things tough, putting a smile on their face and being someone they look up to!

  • be you, and teach others that it’s ok to be themselves too!

  • enjoy loads of fun activities like camping, hiking and lots more!

  • and loads of other reasons too… just ask any of our volunteers!

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Other Ways to Help...


We know that working with children isn’t for everyone, but we also welcome anyone that may be interested in being a member of our committee, who help run our group from ‘behind the scenes’.  So if you have any experience or interest in programme design, policy implementation, taking minutes, administration and eating biscuits, we may welcome you too!


If you are doing your DofE, helping out with a Scout group is a great way to achieve your ‘volunteering’ section and we would welcome you at the 68th too.

​Volunteering in Scouting can also offer you many transferable skills and experiences that look excellent on a CV – get in touch with us and find out how to get involved today!